Konstantin Zatulin: Shevardnadze wants to bring Russia and USA together

Reports are arriving from Georgia about a possible withdrawal from CIS are “a natural result of Georgian authorities’ policy." This opinion has been expressed by Konstantin Zatulin, CIS Institute director, in his interview for RIA ‘Novosti’. According to Konstantin Zatulin, after Georgian independence was declared, it chose the way of complicating relations with Russia and explained all its internal troubles with a plot hatched by Russia. Always and everywhere, while feeling powerful, the Georgian government makes steps fraught with international conflicts, Zatulin supposes. He has confirmed that namely the Georgian leadership has unleashed conflicts in Osetia and Abkhazia. Zatulin stressed that Shevardnadze’s government had concluded its way in foreign policy was “to bring together superpowers, to bring together Russia and the US, to play a part of instigator in Caucasus, while constantly pulling in NATO.” According to Zatulin, declaring a withdrawal from the CIS is connected with the fact that Georgia has not been supported by Russia in realizing its revenge in Abkhazia. The political scientist supposes that Georgia stands behind the conflict in Abkhazia. Again, after visiting the US, Eduard Shevardnadze tries to lay the blame for the Georgian internal troubles on Russia. In this connexion, Russian peace-keepers’ contingent has to realize its mandate and to take part in annihilating terrorist bands that got to Abkhaz territory.

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