Andrei Lubenski: Ukrainian social-democrats propose to create a new Yalta conference to settle the global conflict

The head of Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party, vice-speaker of Ukrainian parliament Viktor Medvedchuk has made a sensational statement in connexion with launching by the US and their allies the anti-terrorist operation. The party proposes to organize in Ukraine a new Yalta Conference whose main aim will be not fixing a new world’s sharing, but search for new variants of the new united world’s structures. Not only politicians are supposed to be invited to the conference, though first of all authoritative representatives of world community, “messengers of cultural, scientific, theological circles”. According to the statement, recent events cause alarm. “The peace on the whole planet could become threatened with global opposition. At worst, the military operation will become a prologue for World War III. This real danger makes us think about Ukraine’s place and role in the new crisis situation.” While regarding forming the anti-terrorist coalition and its efforts as a “completely adequate answer of the civilized world for its defence”, Medvedchuk stresses the military operation must in no way grow into opposition of civilizations. To avoid it, an active process of building bridges should be launched between the South and the North, between developing and developed countries, between the European and the Islamite world. Ideologists of Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine suppose that namely Ukraine could and must play its part in organizing such dialogue. Firstly, Ukraine does not directly take part in military actions, while supporting in principle the idea of fight against terrorism. Secondly, in Ukraine, serious confrontation between European and Islamite culture has been avoided while the country managed to integrate a sizabele Muslim “minority” on its territory. That is way, neither the European, nor the Muslim world can regard Ukraine as a representative of the opponent’s camp, the statement says. It is not clear yet, whether this initiative will become one of foreign policy or not, and what reaction it could cause in the world. Andrei Lubenski PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

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