Sergei Nikolaev: Senator wanted in Ulyanovsk region

There is an unusual situation in Ulyanovsk region: Sergei Ryabukhin, former chairman of local Legislative Assembly became auditor of Counting Chamber. Therefore he cannot be senator now, so a substitute is being wanted. For about four months the substitute is being searched for. In Moscow there are many candidates for this post. To the citizen’s indignation, for the most part, politicians from other cities were proposed: in Council of Federation there is only one representative of Ulyanovsk region – general Kalita, though he is not of Ulyanovsk origin as well. Once he was at the head of pre-election organization of Vladimir Shamanov, and after Shamanov became the governor, Kalita was sent to Moscow. Ryabukhin himself proposed a representative of Federal Assembly’s apparatus as his substitute, though the candidacy was declined. Later, local legislators thought about a candidacy of ‘European Energetic Systems of Russia’ stock company’s representative. According to this idea, Ulyanovsk region would be at least secured from cold in winter. Though no consensus was reached, and this candidacy was declined as well. To the post of Legislative Assembly chairman the candidacy of Boris Zotov, local agriculture academy’s rector, was proposed, so finding a new senator seemed not to be so complicated. Zotov proposed candidacy of main federal controller, Valeri Sychev to this post. As a result of voting, 11 persons were for Sychev, 11 – against him, 2 deputies were absent at all. According to some elected representatives of the people, namely such results should be expected. Members of Legislative Assembly suppose, a person who could assert the region’s interests in Council of Federation, can be found only among the local deputies. Who will represent Ulyanovsk citizens’ interests in Council of Federation will become clear only after October 25. Until this time, Sergei Ryabukhin has to discharge obligations both of senator and of auditor.

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