Incident in Washington underground. Chemical attack?

3 stations of the Washington underground are now closed because of the effect caused by some chemical substance, which has not been identified yet. At present moment the experts are examining about 15 passengers of the underground, who complained of dizziness and nausea after the criminal broke a bottle with the chemical content inside the train.

The incident took place at the station South Avenue, in one of Washington suburbia, Maryland. A criminal threatened a police officer with a knife and gun and then threw the bottle with the chemical on the floor of the train car; the bottle broke into pieces.

The suspect has already been arrested. As RIA Novosti informed, this was informed by the official representative of the fire guards administration in Prince George county (Maryland), Mark Brady. In his words, the special unit of the fire guards having the equipment and chemical-proof uniform started working in that train car and on the platform of South Avenue station.

According to eye-witness, the conflict between the criminal and the police officer started in the car of the train and it continued on the platform of the mentioned station after the train stopped. At present moment the station is closed.

The train was moved to the isolated place, the specialists are working in it to get rid of the chemical and the effect it has produced; the experts are identifying the substance now.

There has been nothing reported regarding the criminal himself. Nevertheless, it is obvious that he would have taken the substance to the place he meant to arrive at, if there had not been the conflict with the police officer. This incident shows that all security measures, which have been taken over the recent month are not enough to protect the citizens under the conditions of terrorism offensive. Moreover, it proves that the operation against the Taliban movement does not bring the desired outcome, but poses even bigger threat to the Americans.

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