Andrei Krushinsky: China against terrorism in any possible form

The world’s leading mass media perceived yesterday’s phone conversation between Jiang Zemin and George Bush as Beijing’s support towards the American “anti-terrorist operation.”

According to the Chinese news agency, Bush thanked the Chinese government for its decisive statement pertaining to the struggle against terrorism. Jiang Zemin, in turn, thanked Bush for the phone call (the conversation took place on Bush’s initiative), having reminded that the government of the Chinese People’s Republic firmly stands against terrorism “in any possible form. “We support the adequate resolutions of the U.N. General Assembly and of the Security Council; we support the anti-terrorism actions” he said.

The fact that the Chinese leader mentioned the U.N. resolutions testifies to the China’s unconditional support towards the American policy and that the support is not unconditional still. In particular, Jiang Zemin said to President Bush: “We took into account the fact that the current military operation was aimed solely against certain things, connected with the terrorist activity, and not against the Afghan people and Muslims; we hope there have been measures taken to prevent from casualties.”

The western media has perceived all of this as a step of Chinese dipomacy regarding compromises with the US. However, is it possible for Beijing to move in a different direction since Russia is moving in this direction, but far ahead?

It is vital for Jiang Zemin that the American president visit Shanghai during the second part of the current month, when there is going to be the annual summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation held. So far, Jiang Zemin has not had the chance to meet George Bush. To Jiang’s satisfaction, Bush confirmed his intention to attend the Shanghai summit in order to “exchange opinions on a wider range of questions aimed at development of cooperation between the U.S. and China.”

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