Federation Council To Discuss Counter-terrorist Operation In Afghanistan

The events connected with the anti-terrorism struggle and the launching of the counter-terrorism operation in Afghanistan will be officially put on the agenda of the meeting of the Federation Council (Upper Chamber of Parliament) on Wednesday. This decision was taken on Tuesday at a meeting of the Upper Chamber Council, journalists learned from speaker Yegor Stroyev. Among those to be invited to the Chamber to speak on the issue will be the ministers of defense and of foreign affairs after the senators adopt a special statement, said Stroyev. "We have to discuss that issue in that format, for according to the Constitution it belongs to the competence of the Federation Council," recalled the speaker. Stroyev said that "sooner or later" the missile strikes against Afghanistan "were to begin." "The international community cannot indifferently look upon the gangs of terrorists -- either we take steps to combat that evil, or that disease will spread like a cancerous growth throughout the world," he declared. At the same time, Yegor Stroyev specially stressed that while supporting the anti-terrorism struggle, Russia should on no account allow itself and the international community to be drawn into something like a third world war. The Federation Council speaker said that would be a serious strategic error.

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