U.S. Warn That Military Action Against Terrorism May Spread Outside Afghanistan

The USA has informed the United Nations Security Council that military action against the terrorist network Al-Qaeda may spread outside Afghanistan. A letter addressing the Security Council on behalf of US permanent representative to the UN John Negroponte reads, in part, "The US Armed Forces have launched an action to prevent and curb any further attacks on the United States in accordance with the universal inalienable right to individual and collective defence." According to the document, an investigation into September 11 terrorist attacks "presented clear and convincing proof that the Taliban-supported organization Al-Qaeda played a central role in these attacks." However, the investigation is still at a primary stage, so "many facts remain unclear." "We may as well arrive at a conclusion that our self-defence requires further action in respect of other organisations and other states," points out the document. Observers believe that "further action" may be directed against any of the states on the State Department's annually updated "list of countries supporting terrorism," Iraq for instance. Judging by the first reaction from the Security Council, the USA is not likely to get permission to expand the zone of military action unless it furnishes the Security Council with convincing investigation materials.

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