USA to leave Afghanistan in 2-3 weeks

America has started the war against Afghanistan. The “powerful, destructive” missile and bomb strike eliminated over 30 targets in the country. Donald Rumsfeld – the head of the Pentagon – said the first part of the operation was “very successful.”

At about 8:00 p.m. the US and Great Britain will commence the second part of the operations; there will be new missiles streaking towards the targets in Afghanistan and bombers will take off.

There is the only question: “What are they going to bomb?” The mass media is silent about this so far, and the American generals are trying to say as few words as possible. The West, inspired by success does not understand one very simple thing: there is a huge technological gap between America and Afghanistan.

A laser bomb can destroy a commandant point, the graphite bombs can deprive a country of the electric power (like it happened in Yugoslavia), and missiles can exterminate radar anti-missile points (like it was in Iraq). There is no high-tech infrastructure in Afghanistan, and this is the major target of the mentioned military hardware. What of the explosion beside the building of the Taliban Defense Ministry? Several kilos of explosive, a lot of noise and debris, possibly a fire, and that is all!

CNN is telling tales to its viewers that everything will be just fine and success is on the way. Kabul does not have electric power anymore, the launching installations of the anti-missile complexes have been destroyed, and there is no communication network there now.

What communication network are they talking about? The Taliban wage war on the level of the last century. They just do not have the satellite equipment, military electronic networks, they may have a couple of anti-missile defense radars. They maintain communication with the help of mobile radio stations, sometimes even with messengers.

The technological gap between these two countries makes the air raid against Afghanistan pointless. The U.S. and Britain launched 50 missiles, 15 bombing planed B-1 and B-52, 25 F-14 and F-18 aircrafts took part in the attack. This is just ridiculous. Afghanistan is much bigger than Yugoslavia. However, up to 500 aircrafts were flying above the Balkans.

There is nothing to bomb in Afghanistan. America can continue bombing the desert trying to kill bin Laden, but this will not bring the effect. About a week after the air raid, America will have to face a very difficult choice – either to use the powerful weaponry - vacuum or nuclear – or to start the land operation, or to leave the region with nothing.

It is the last variant, which is most likely to come true. The Americans surely realize the land operation in Afghanistan is totally absurd; using a super-powerful weapon may result in the international scandal. It is now possible to assume the American military headquarters are currently elaborating a way to leave the territory of the region “with honors.” That means that in a couple of weeks the Taliban will be left to themselves again.

AP photo: In this U.S. Navy handout photo, a Tomahawk cruise missile is launched from the USS Philippine Sea against military targets inside Afghanistan Sunday, Oct. 7, 2001.

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