Taliban declares war on Uzbekistan

The Taliban’s consulate to Pakistan, mullah Najibulla officially announced in Peshavar that the Taliban will declare war on Uzbekistan. According to him, military actions will be deployed on the border. The consulate complained about the Taliban not being able to use their air force against Uzbekistan at the moment. However, according to him, the soldiers’ spirits are really high: “We launched a new sacred war, a jihad. We know millions of Moslems support us." A jihad was declared on Uzbekistan because of its supporting US military actions against Afghanistan. It seems to be the first precedent when a jihad has beeb declared on a Moslem state. For the time being, other Islamic states’ reactions are not known. In general, the sacred war is carried out against infidels, so could we call Uzbekistan’s population infidels from Islamic view? Let Islamic theologians to think it over. Information arriving from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan is discrepant. According to some sources, last night, Taliban forces of about 8 thousand fighters moved to the Uzbeck border. However, other sourcs report that these fighters have been dispersed by NATO air strikes. Nothing is known yet about Taliban troop concentrations on the Afghan bank of the Amudarya River. Last night, reports arrived about the re-deployment of troops on the Uzbek--Afghan border to resist the supposed attack of the Taliban. Recently, an official of Tashkent appeared with a refutation of this information, stating that any re-deployment of troops did not take place and that the troops were merely executing their usual functions.

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