Petr Yermilin: Strange conclusions of RIA ‘Novosti’

Last night Russian state agency RIA ‘Novosti’ reported that Osama bin Laden had admitted that he has a connection with the terrorist acts in the US. However, the following fact is curious: the agency makes this conclusion after the only reading into a statement of bin Laden who said that the blow had been stricken by the "best Moslems." Moreover, bin Laden said that there would not be peace in the US as long as the US supports Israel and there is no peace for he Palestinians. Most likely, based on the statments of terrorist number one, those who accuse him of organizing the attacks on the US will base their arguments.Nevertheless, it is necessary to notice that these statements are not evidence in any way of bin Laden’s implication in the terrorist acts. Moreover, the Saudi millionaire, after analizing all the consequences of the American tragedy, very possibly decided just to hint at his implication in it. This political step only makes bigger a stoic aureole of bin Laden in the Moslem world. It is strange that the conclusions of the Russian state information agency, which has more connection with the East, than European or American agencies, are not very correct.

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