Russia, the European Union, and NATO

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin’s 49th birthday, Russia, the EU and NATO are taking firm steps towards a new and open partnership on the threshold of a new order for the Third Millennium.

Having provided the USA with important data about terrorist activities, Russia now declares its total cooperation with the European Union and NATO in the new processes to define terms of international security in the current setting.

President Vladimir Putin declared in Brussels that “After the events of 11th September, the international community is obliged to analyse the efficiency of the security mechanisms which must guarantee peace and stability”.

The fact that the US authorities allowed one hijacker to enter an airplane with a passport of a non-existent republic, the “Republic of Conch”, says all. President Putin declared that a new world order, based on cooperation instead of conflict, must appear and for this reason the present half-yearly meetings between intelligence officials will be rescheduled to monthly ones.

In this way, the security services of the Russian Federation, the EU and the USA will have a greater exchange of information and will be better prepared to forecast terrorist activities before they appear. This should in future become a permanent instrument of cooperation between the two blocks. “We hope that the mechanism of monthly consultations will be the basis for the creation of a permanent organism for all security issues which concern Russia and the European Union”, said Vladimir Putin.

Regarding NATO, if this organisation assumes a political, rather than a military, character, Russia could be its best friend. If enlargement of NATO membership to the East is seen as a political statement and not as a military intrusion, Russia gives signs that there will be a “political cooperation”, in the words of its President.

The fact that Russia takes such a vehement and well-defined position against international terrorism has, apparently, opened the eyes of the international community to the realities of the Chechnya question. Originally classified as an act of Russian brutality against freedom fighters, the conflict is now seen for what it is: a case of terrorism against the Russian State.

The Cold War is dead and burried. Nobody lost it, but everybody won. Russia redefined her position in international politics, and has proved that she is, and will always be, a major player on the world scene. Unobtrusive, pragmatic, intelligent, these are the three words which sum up the Russian Federation of President Vladimir Putin. Happy birthday, Mr. President!


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