Bodies of Tu-154 crash's victims delivered to Sochi

The cargo ship ‘Kapitan Vakula’ has arrived in the city of Sochi that delivered in the harbour the bodies of Tu-154 aircraft crash’s victims. Fragments of the aircraft’s boarding. as well as a part of the cockpit were also transported by the cargo ship. That was all the rescuers managed to find at the crash site. The rescue operation, which was launched yesterday immediatly after the first reports of the plane crash, has turned into a search mission. While observing the site of accident, the rescuers came to the conclusion the passengers had had no chance to survival. 13 bodies were found on sea surface, as well as some fragments of the boarding. Some personal things and bags of the passengers were floating, which means that already before falling into the water, the Tu-154 had explodded. The reasons for the catastrophe are unknown. The information that the airliner could have been shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft defence missle seems to have been disproved. Russian Public Prosecutor General’s Office stated that the theory of a terroist act has been brought into connection with the catastrophe. A definitive answer about the explosion on the aircraft’s board could be given after decoding information of the so-called black boxes, though they are located on the bottom of the Black Sea, at a depth of over one kilometer. According to the rescuers, it will be complicated to recover the black boxes from such a depth. At the moment, the searching operation in the Black Sea is being continued. Rescue groups from Israel offered their help, so this possibility is being discussed now. At the same time, the governmental commission leaded by Vladimir Rushailo started its investigation of the catastrophe. In Sochi, an extraordinary meeting was carried out where tasks were distributed among members of the commission.

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