Venezuela: 13-month-old baby dies of drugs overdose

A 13-month-old baby has died of a cocaine overdose in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

The cocaine had been left at home by the baby’s parents. While they were out, the baby came across the cocaine as it was crawling around the house. When the parents returned, their child started to show the first symptoms of an overdose, namely convulsions and unconsciousness, but decided to do nothing, thinking the symptoms were the result of something the baby ate.

The tragedy occurred last Sunday in the suburb of Caracas named Chapellin. Both of the parents were addicted to cocaine and had left home to buy supplies of the drug. They have both been detained by the police.

Whatever happens to them, the drama caused by the choice of consuming drugs is that a 13-month-old baby is dead. The injustice of this case speaks volumes about the tragedy inflicted on others by those who turn their own lives, and the lives of others around them, into living nightmares and then claim to be victims of society.


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