Sergei Borisov: With Osama bin Laden’s portrait on the chest

In one of districts in California, it is said that a man has been detained by the police who has a tattoo portrait of Osama bin Laden on his chest. For the time being, it is unknown where the detained bin Laden’s adorer is being kept, as well as whether or not any accusation will be brought against him. The man was arrested after the terrorist acts in New York and Washington because of the falsified documents he had. The Sheriff’s aids were surprised to see a big picture of America’s main enemy on his breast. For those who could not recognize the portrait as that of bin Ladin, "Osoma bin Laden" was written below it. Now, the authorities are clearing up whether or not the arrested person has had some connection with the terrorist number one, Los Angeles Times reported. The citizens are afraid a terrorist organization’s section could have been opened in their district. The terrorist acts seem to have changed Americans: they are not so careless as they were before. Authorities and life itself has taught them to be more watchful.

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