State Duma Deputy: Us Making Strategic Mistake

The United States is making a strategic mistake by announcing itself to be the only fighter against international terrorism. This opinion was expressed in an interview given to news agencies by deputy chairman of the State Duma's international committee Konstantin Kosachev. In his opinion, this position gives a chance to terrorists to commit new acts. "The USA thus gets an appreciable enemy," explained his thought the committee's deputy chairman. Konstantin Kosachev is confident that the entire international community is waging a fight against terrorism, and a state which proclaims a fight against this danger should occupy precisely this position. It is also "illogical and unjustified," in the opinion of Kosachev, that the United States has granted proofs of the guilt of Osama bin Laden and of the al-Qaida organisation only to its allies - for instance to Great Britain. Russia is absent in the list of the countries to which the proofs of the guilt of the notorious terrorist will be given, added Konstantin Kosachev. This is, in the opinion of the deputy chairman of the international committee, "absolutely inadequate, because the USA has already stated about its cooperation with Russia in combating terrorism." However now, as Kosachev remarked, a tendency is taking shape that "while we shall cooperate and our secrete services will provide information, we shall receive in return only dosed information."

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