Yuri Luzhkov thanked by the Russian President

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin his gratitude to Moscow major Yuri Luzhkov. The major has deserved the warm words thanks to his “great contribution to the city’s development." The gratitude was conveyed by the president’s plenipotentiary in the Central Federal District, Georgi Poltavchenko. The plenipotentiary personally wished the major “good health and inextinguishable fervour” and for the major’s team to never let down the major. According to the best traditions of high routs, the Moscow major said the plenipotentiary’s words were a real pleasure and a big honor for him. Today’s spectacle in Moscow administration’s building seems to have secured the peace between federal forces and the Moscow government. The same scene would have been impossible in the year 1999. President Yeltsin simply ignored Yuri Luzhkov; the president’s team, with help of well known TV journalist Dorenko, made a classical “chump” of the major. The relations did not change after Vladimir Putin’s arrival. Passing a new tax code was called by Yuri Luzhkov “robbing Moscow." He even complained about the possible stopping of construction in Moscow (especially building roads). The president’s plenipotentiary Georgi Poltavchenko demanded from the major the canceling of the registration regime, explaining it did not correspond with federal legislation. However, Luzhkov is Luzhkov, and relations changed. Soon, the major could be seen in the president’s surrounding during different official trips; he even started to highly praise Putin’s policy. The decisive moment was the unification of two similar but politically opposite movements “Otechestvo” and “Yedinstvo." The “YediOt” became a base for concluding peace between the Kremlin and the Moscow administration. The gratitude declared today seems to have begin a new epoch in relations between federal center and the subject of federation: the epoch of fervent love. Quarrels are forgotten; Putin and Luzhkov are brothers for ever, and it is very important to take into account the coming elections for the Moscow Duma. PRAVDA.Ru photograph.

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