Is America going to torture the suspects?

The American media does not exclude a possibility that the people who have been detained on suspicion of preparations of acts of terrorism are going to be tortured.

The investigation is at a dead-end, the FBI has officially acknowledged. None of the detained people want to collaborate with the investigation. They are keeping silence and the process is not moving.

Over 800 people have been detained as suspects in the acts of terror that happened in the United States on September 11. The majority of them have already been released. There are 150 people at the federal jail the Metropolitan Correctional Center. As representatives of the FBI said, there is a certitude that some of them have the information regarding the terrorist attack of September 11 and maybe even information regarding the preparation of new acts of terrorism. It is not clear why they are keeping 150 people in jail if the FBI believes that very few people were involved in the acts of terrorism.

In addition, the conditions under which these prisoners live are far from being democratic. The BBC has stated that they are not allowed to interact with their relatives, and they are limited in contacts with their own lawyers. The only book that they are allowed to read is the Quran.

The prisoner’s names are not on the official jail lists of prisoners, and the local courts do not have open access to any kind of documents saying, when they were arrested, what for, and who their lawyers were.

Therefore, the number of the prisoners raises doubts. 150 prisoners –this is information according to the FBI. On the whole, the American secret services are experiencing considerable difficulties now. The American media expresses their concern about this. There were some publications in which it was said that the so-called "truth serum" is going to be used to make the terrorists speak. Some members of the media even offered to torture the suspects.

The fact that there can be absolutely innocent people in the jail is totally missed. Just simple logic says it is impossible for all 150 detained people to be involved in the preparation of the acts of terrorism.

Is the U.S.A. ready to torture people in order to find the guilty? Well, America can now use the experience of the Holy Inquisition. As it is well known, the people who were tortured by the inquisition were ready to confess anything. However, it may turn out that there will not be enough jails, for the “terrorists” will be innumerable.

AP photo: An Afghan refugee girl reads the Quran, the holy book of Muslims

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