Aga Khan against Taliban

The Aga Khan criticises the international community for the creation of the Taliban and calls on the world to unite in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The spiritual leader of the Shi’ite Ismailite Community made his declaration in an interview with the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Serra in which he said that the Taliban regime is a product of the civilized world and the international community.

He insinuated that the existence of the Taliban was a failure for world diplomacy because “nobody, no international organisation, Islamic or not, managed to convince them that their ways of acting were contrary to the objectives of a modern, humane society."

Abandoned by all, Afghanistan was left on its own against the Taliban, becoming a massive terrorist training camp, added the Aga Khan, who went on to declare that the Taliban had applied their own unique interpretation of Islam on the people it controls.

The Ismaili Community is a branch of the Shi’ite Moslems. They accept that the prophet Mohammed was the last prophet of Allah and that Islam, as revealed in the Koran, was the final message of Allah to mankind. They believe that Mohammed appointed his son-in-law Ali (married to his daughter Fatima) to continue the word of Allah as Imam and that their descendents continue the line as the Living Imam, the living proof of the continuation of the prophet Mohammed.

The Aga Khan called on the international community to rebuild Afghanistan after the Taliban have been removed from power.

The question begins to arise when, or if?


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