Osama bin Laden received anthrax by mail. And sent it out across the world

One of Osama bin Laden accomplices, who is currently being held in custody in Egypt, has given sensational evidence of his former boss’s activities. In his words, the No. 1 terrorist is behind the current biological attacks. The accomplice, who is called Armad Ibrahim al-Najara, says that bin Laden procured anthrax strains with a comparatively small amount of money in cash. Mr. Al-Najara’s testimony was cited today by the New York Post. It proved incredibly easy to get hold of the bacterial weapon. Bin Laden ordered the bacteria from two firms located in the Czech Republic and one of the countries in South East Asia. The Czech factory has turned out to supply the deadly bacteria to anyone who makes an advanced payment. So, it sent out the ordered bacteria without delay and without taking interest in who its new customer was, according to ntvru.com. Then, similar parcels came to bin Laden and his accomplices from South East Asia (by the way, Islamic extremists in the Philippine’s Moro Liberation Front reportedly receive the stuff from the same source). It cost the terrorists as little as $7,500 to get a packet from Czech Republic, while the package from the South East Asia costed even cheaper, $3,685, “plus transportation expenses,” the suspected terrorist testifies.

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