Chechen rebels change geopolitical orientation

Afghanistan, “suffering from the US yoke,” seems to has become the priority area of interest for Chechen rebels. Jordanian Emir Hattab, one of the most influential Chechen warlords has sent a group of Chechen rebels to help fight the “world evil” personified in the USA. It has been agreed that they will fill the commanding positions in Mojahed squadrons. On Afghanistan’s territory, they are supposed to be paid at the rate of $500 per month (curiously, they are going to be pain in the enemy’s currency, not even in Kuwait’s dinars, for example). In case of a rebel’s death, Hattab promises to pay his family $10,000, according to today’s Russian news outlets citing anonymous sources in secret services. Reportedly, volunteers are largely recruited from Shamil Basayev’s band which is considered most battle-worthy. The volunteers’ route has already been agreed. First, they are to be sent to Azerbaidjan, where they are expected to be met by the people of Khozh-Ahmed Nukhayev and Zelemkhan Yandarbiyev. From there, the group is planned to be moved to Turkey, where they will be escorted by Chechen businessman Husein Marayev’s representatives (by the way, Shamil Basayev’s brother Shirvani has already for 2 years resided at Marayev’s house). There is hope that Hattab will also move to Afghanistan and it looks like nobody is stopping him.

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