Irina Malenko: Bible – best selling book in USA, while in Netherlands – Koran

There is an expression in Dutch “to fly like hot rolls over shop board”, what means “to be in popular demand”. Namely like hot rolls, Koran (mostly, in its Dutch translation) is being sold out in the Netherlands. Books about the Taliban, Islam, Fundamentalism, jihad are very popular as well. Sells of Koran increased not by 60 percent as ones of Bible in the US, but three times! “Usually, we sell 25-30 books of Koran a week”, L.Decker, worker of Donner book shop in Rotterdam says. “Now this number makes on average 100 books a week. Many Dutchmen wants to know more about Islam”. Many editions are promptly republishing Koran and other books connected with Islam, which have been completely sold out.

Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru Netherlands

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