Jack Straw: Bombardments of Afghanistan as an aid to its people

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said to help Afghan people the US should continue to bomb them. What is behind these words: the foreign secretary’s personal position on the events, or the government’s official position? Jack Straw is a peculiar person. His discoursed on different questions remind us a Russian politician who once wanted to wash boots in Indian Ocean. Jack Straw became famous thanks to amnesty for general Augusto Pinochet, thanks to his idea about creating united football team of Great Britain instead of separate teams of England, Walls, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and thanks to his view on British role in EU. The secretary’s statement is very possibly connected with stirring up of Great Britain’s role in Afghan events, to be more exact, with British Special Force’s participation in the ground operation in Afghanistan. Jack Straw said he would not guess when the deployment of surface troops starts. British authorities reported, at the moment negotiations with the US took place about future role of Great Britain in the Afghan operation. British Prime-Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman said British participation in this operation would be probably more active. He also noticed, Great Britain’s contribution to the Afghan campaign seemed not to go beyond air reconnaissance, refuellers and two British submarines’ activities which launched cruiser missiles in the first phase of the operation. The authorities did not comment activities of Special Force subdivisions, such as SAS. However, the Prime-Minister’s spokesman noticed Great Britain possessed universally recognized experience in this field. London wants to avoid unnecessary losses, and it is ready to support continuation of the bombardments. A perverted logic, what do you think?

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

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