Russian troops can be deployed in Afghanistan

The Russian General Headquarters is working on the question to deploy a Russian military contingent on the Afghan territory, which is controlled by the Northern Alliance troops of the republic of Tajikistan. This was informed by Press-Center.Ru in reference to well-informed sources at the Russian Federation General Headquarters.

According to the information from the news agency, the question has not yet been finally solved; it is being currently being developed and discussed. This plan is not about the expediency to deploy the Russian Army; it is about the political and technical guarantees.

There can be a conclusion made from this message that the question on expediency of such a step has been approved. It is also curious that the Russian armed forces do not plan to take positions on the whole territory that is controlled by the Northern Alliance, preferring the Tajikistan detachments.

As it is known, there is a serious split within the alliance between the detachments, which presumably consist of ethnic Uzbeks and ethnic Tajiks. Russia has rendered military help to the latter; Russia considers Rabbani (the Tajik) to be the legal power in Afghanistan, and it has repeatedly declared its goal of restoring Rabbani’s regime.

Pakistan is against such development of the events, as well the U.S.A., due to the efforts of which the split within the anti-Taliban coalition started. The United States promised its support to General Rashid Dostum (originates from Uzbekistan). The situation was very intense – on the edge of the armed conflict between the Tajik and Uzbek wings of the alliance.

For the time being, the Uzbek wing, with its leader Dostum, is stronger than the Tajik wing, owing to the American support (at least politically stronger). It is trying to impose its will on the resistance movement.

Such a situation is very undesirable for Russia. It is obvious that this is the reason why there is such a variant being considered now – to deploy the Russian troops – to support the Tajik wing. The Russian regular army will make the Tajiks much stronger. There are serious doubts that the U.S.A. will make such a decision towards the Uzbeks.

Therefore, we have a race. Who is going to be the first to support “its own” wing of the anti-Taliban alliance. If these rumors are true, then an adequate decision should be expected to be made in the nearest future.

AP photo: Uzbek soldiers work on the border with Afghanistan near the border town of Termez, Uzbekistan, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2001

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