Dmitry Litvinovich: Another enemy for the U.S.A.

After long speculation ,the U.S.A. has finally found enemy number two. This is the Palestinian organization Hizballah. America considers this group to be a terrorist organization of a “global scale." Such a serious statement can have considerable consequences – both for America and for the Middle East.

The militants from this organization have their major goal – to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Yasser Arafat supports this organization privately. In the case that the United State commences the military actions against this organization, it will be very hard for Arafat to stay aside and will be impossible for him to get out of it. In this case, he will not be able to count on support from the Arab world.

America must think thrice before meddling into army actions in the Middle East. The bombing will not solve anything there and a ground operation is not acceptable due to the absence of sites for the constant disposition of the enemy. It is hard to believe that the Americans will be able to convince the Arab world to agree with the destruction of their coreligionists under the flag of the anti-terrorist struggle. America is thinking about the new war, having not finished the current one.

Reuters photo: Two US Navy F-18 Hornets are catapulted off the USS Carl Vinson during flight operations October 25, 2001

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