What should be done?

The answers to all those questions are not simple and I do not claim I can give the precise and irrefragable recommendations. However, I do believe that that general outline of the activity of the world community towards the harmonization of the entire organizational system of the international relations, removing the tense atmosphere between rich North and poor South is evident. We have to acknowledge this fact as obvioust, to take it for granted trying the least to reproach the West in its groundlessness to be the world leader. That is why the transformation of the international relations must be organized in the direction that would provide the poor countries with the access to governing the world. This is what the concept of the offered ideas is about basically. In particular it goes about the following directions of the activity of the World community:

- To change the entire international system of relations – economic, political, social, diplomatic, military, cultural and so long and so forth;

- The principal opportunity for this change may be achieved under the condition if the reasons of the Great American tragedy are realized and understood; if the necessity of the realization of the great humanistic principles is realized: equality of countries and nations, justice, sympathy and compassion. These are the universal principles of relations between the states, not depending on their amount, power and influence.

The leaders of the anti-Nazi coalition – the founders of the U.N. were inspired with these ideas and it all resulted in the great victory of humanity over the evil powers of the world. The political leaders of next generations were gradually dismantling the humanistic content of the U.N. institutions, its fundamental values, having subordinated it to the egoistic interests of the powers-that-be. That is why it is necessary to re-organize the U.N. structures, but also get back to the fundamental principles, which were laid the ground of it. The major goal of it all was the prevention of the new world war, struggle with the intentions of certain countries and groups of people to perform aggressions and other actions, which are dangerous for the world. This basically concerns the military and police functions that would guarantee peace and safety for the people of the world. Obviously, it must go about setting up the regional security systems, united in the joint global network, subordinated solely to the U.N. and its special bodies.

Taking account of the huge opportunities of the financial factor in organization of conflicts, acts of terrorism and local wars, there should be a tough international control established, under the aegis of the U.N.

The up-to-date super-powers do not have to consider it humiliating or offensive if they declare that “the countries, which proclaimed themselves as super-powers, are far from being like this after September 11.” And those states will obey the international laws, norms and rules that are common for any countries of the world, including the smallest ones. Even the smallest country is able to do the things, which happened on September 11. The actual notion of a “super-power” tumbled down and this notion was of great value for the citizens of those countries. For some reason I think that the population of those countries would agree to change its abstract grandeur with a certain personal, family and public security.

The new global goals of the U.N.

In connection with the things mentioned above, there is a task, which international organizations must be charged with taking care of the fates of the Universe. I personally think there is only one international organization that can cope with that task - the United Nations. This is the only one unique international organization, which meets the requirements of the 21 century; as if it was created for executing this particular goal - to solve the problems of the Civilization.


I understand there is a question coming up right away: why the U.N. but not NATO? Indeed,the only alternative to the U.N. is NATO, there are arguments for that: the leading countries of the world, they are all “civilized” countries, they help the poor states to establish democracy, solve problems with the debts, they fund the development programs all over the world and so on. Good arguments. I am deeply certain that NATO can not take the functions of the World Government, moreover the claims from NATO’s leaders for that role, when the U.N. was pushed aside, probably to a certain extent provoked the terror attack on America as the basic element of NATO. The U.N. General Assembly must be transformed into the World Parliament to become the only one universal and Supreme power board in the world. Its decisions are of global directive character and must be unconditionally executed by:

1) The World Government (Security Council) 2) Other international organizations (military and political alliances, unions and the like) 3) National states Note: Other functions and tasks will be clarified

U.N., the World Government

The leaders of NATO must declare their full support to the U.N. and the necessity to transform its structures towards the World Government. The U.N. has been structurally prepared to this role over 60 years of its existence. The Security Council, as well as the Economic and Social Council have a huge experience and first class specialists. The U.N. labor agency would turn to the World Ministry for Labor; The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – the World Central Bank; The World Trade Organization – the World Trade Ministry and so on.

From the very beginning NATO has had the clearly outlined goals (truncation of communism), which did not allow to move on to the absolutely different level of activity – the peacemaking, military and police operations, guaranteeing the global safety.

NATO, Milosevic, International court

On the other hand, NATO has made very serious mistakes over the recent years and there are not going to be a lot of countries of the world, which would be ready to place the functions of the World Government on NATO. One of the biggest mistakes for this alliance is the illegal establishment of the International Tribunal in the Hague.

It does not actually matter, if the former Yugoslavian leader is guilty of genocide or not. He is guilty, most likely, and he had to be on trial at the International Tribunal. But this had to be the International Tribunal indeed, not the “NATO Tribunal”, as it actually happened to Milosevic and other military figures of the Balkan countries.

No matter what they say in America or Europe – the majority of the countries of the world does not agree that the judicial right was seized by NATO. It is the U.N. only that can set up the International judicial institution.

This is the sense of the problem - this sense often gets lost in the flow of facts, episodes, explanations and so on. The trial of the rich and powerful on the poor and weak – this long historic practice is in the 20th century – this is what the Great American Tragedy showed.

World Military and Police department

The Global network, which was mentioned before, consisting of the regional systems of military and police centers must be subordinated to the World military and police department (ministry, agency and so forth). This department is controlled by the U.N. Security Council.

Such military and political alliances like NATO, the military structures of the Commonwealth of the Independent States could be included in this Global department, as well as Interpol with all its regional divisions.

In this kind of organization, NATO could develop towards the European military and police organization, subordinated to the U.N. Security Council and its World Government. This evolution of NATO could be the only excuse of its positive existence in the 21 century. Here is another positive result of such positive progression. The sense of the discussions and doubts pertaining to Russia’s membership in NATO. Russia’s membership in NATObecomes rather a mediocre thing, if Russia makes such a decision. Quite another thing would be better: to be responsible for establishment of the Middle Asia regional center for defense and security of the U.N.

U.N. Security Council

It is only the U.N. Security Council that is entitled to authorize the international military and police actions. The World Government immediately starts their execution relying on the national state authorities and the institutions of the Government itself, set up for these purposes. The Council is obliged to present the weekly analytical reviews to the national government, strive for counteraction of the police services of the states. The norms of the humanitarian right must be applied to the inner military conflicts. A classic example of that - two wars in Chechnya, which took away over 200 thousand civil lives.

Revision and cancellation of unreasonable notions

Arrogance, blackmail, threats and pressure – everything must be cast away and stopped, when it happens. The international weaponry commerce must be banned! Nuclear weapons must be banned! The world must be protected from the chemical, bacteriological and other kinds of weapons and poisoning substances.

The problem of the weapons. The U.N. and the World Government would have to deal with the following “new values”:

Firstly. Strict prohibition to sell all kinds of weapon. To equalize the military commerce and the drug commerce. Is it a secret that “the civilized countries” deliver 98% of the weapons in the world to the world markets? What is the source of weapon for those poor Muslim fundamentalists? Where do they take weapons from? From the military and industrial factories in America, Russia, France, Germany, the UK and so on. Do people know how much of explosives, antipersonnel mines, bombs are produced in “the civilized countries?” 96 percent of the entire world production. Who teaches how to use these means of destruction? 99 percent of instructors in the Muslim world, in all developing countries, which purchase the modern military hardware. So there is a question arising: who is waging war against the Civilization?

Secondly. Development and approval of the large-scale international acts, connected with elimination of the nuclear weapons and the materials for its production.

Thirdly. Development of the global programs to neutralize the chemical and biological weapon grave sites.

Fourthly. The World Government must guarantee these activity directions, elaborate and approve the requisite order for successful execution of the mentioned goals. It is entitled to force the adequate state institutions and companies to this kind of activity, to neutralize the violators.

Measures to prevent from the ecological catastrophe

Another, very important direction in the activity of the World Civilization is the realization of the coming world ecological catastrophe. This future disaster is the product of the development of the Civilization based on the model of the modern market capitalism and its competition laws, when the environment is sacrificed for the sake of profit. Thus, there should be another powerful department in the structure of the World Government – the World Ministry for Ecology. This department could make a decision to ban the discharge of poisoning substances in Lake Baikal, for example – the decision, which failed to be fulfilled either by the USSR or the Russian governments. Why can the governments of certain countries arrogantly ignore the international rights, restricting the discharge? Why do the transnational corporations destroy the woods that provide oxygen to the population of the world? Why do the armed forces bomb the mountainous forestry in Chechnya, contaminate lakes and ponds? Why? Why is this all being adone without any punishment at all?

To be continued.

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