Central Russian TV channel compares USA with Hitler Germany

How to regard the Russian President’s recent initiatives, you learn in details from the blue screen. Did you become disaccustomed to propaganda? You are unjust. It is time to recall old habits, or you will soon take everything you see in TV in all good faith. And this seems to have serious consequences. Russia continues to discuss Putin’s two radical initiatives: withdrawing of two Russian military bases from Cuba and Vietnam and passing the bill about citizenship in first reading, offered by the president. Both initiatives caused different reactions in Russian public opinion. Though it turned out there was no reason for alarm. On Wednesday, television explained everything in details. You think about anti-terrorist fight? It is time to fight against fascism.

Military bases, satellites, and… fascism It was announced: money spared as a result of withdrawing the military bases Russia will in particular use to build up its space group. Let it be. On October 24, in the evening, TV channel ORT (Public Russian Television) shows a documentary film about Dmitry Kozlov, the chief of Progress Central Design Office, who in particular occupies himself with satellites. A very amusing and interesting film, devoted, besides the Kozlov himself, to arms race between the USSR and the USA. ORT is lavish in praises: namely thanks to the satellites (and to Kozlov) nuclear war, unexpected attack of our country have become impossible, thanks to the satellites, the Soviet and later the Russian leadership was aware about everything in the world, including US intrigues. “Today, Russian space group’s state provokes only sorrow, - Kozlov says. – We, people of the old school, who launched all reconnaissance space devices, regard it as a catastrophe.” Though it will be corrected, the commentator says. Being 82, Dmitry Kozlov continues to work for defence of the country, because he remembers how in 1999, US tanks came up to Orthodox churches in Yugoslavia (pictures of Yugoslavia). He also remembers how in 1941, fascist tanks came up to his peasant house (pictures from the Great Patriotic War chronicle), as well as Leningrad blockade… Final is usually remembered best of all. And namely, this association: satellites and security, the USA – the Fascist Germany. You understand? Everything seems to be clear, comment are unnecessary. After all, you do not want to see fascist (American) tanks before Orthodox churches in Moscow region?

Citizenship, migrants, and… fascism Apropos, about Moscow region as a geographical notion including Russian capital as well. Do you know from where fascism comes here? You would never guess. From newcomers. This conclusion was made in information and analytical programme “25th hour. Events. Moscow Time” by his author Ilya Kolosov while discussing with himself the president’s bill about citizenship. As arguments, the journalist presents Ministry of Internal Affairs’ data about number of illegal migrants in Russia, and in particular in Moscow. Horrific situation, he says. And immediately presents results of the poll carried out by TV Centre channel. “With what does this non-controlled migration threaten us?” – asks the TV channel and receives following answers from its viewers:

With inter-Mafia – 11 percent With cheap labour force – 22 percent With ousting of Russians – 66 percent

You can see it yourself: most of participants of the poll suppose newcomers will oust Russians, Kolosov sums up. Really, the journalist goes on, Moscow citizens well know who sweeps streets in the morning, who drives buses, who trades in markets. Already in a month, possessing false documents, these people join Moscow crime and become full masters of Moscow (pictures of Caucasian people in Moscow markets). Namely because of that, in Moscow, ultra-right groups of fascist trend appear (pictures of skinheads’ march)… The logic is unique. Street cleaner gets false documents in a month and becomes full muster. However, TV Centre channel created and fostered by Moscow mayor Luzhkov before presidential election of 1999 has never possessed a good logic. Let us leave this question of the so-called poll among the channel’s viewers. It is not only clear why the cheap labour force could be dangerous for us. But the most interesting thing is the number of the poll’s participants – 18 people. Of course, the channel’s viewers will not get to know it. Though to check it up, you could visit http://www.tvc.ru/. In principle, everything is clear. If people do not understand the president’s initiatives, they should be explained. With figures. And that, who are accustomed to use own head to think, should recall old habits. Or today’s television will teach such manifest things that touch the heart…

Irina Zaitseva PRAVDA.Ru

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