Anatoli Baranov: Duma takes care of people’s economy while it no more belong to people

Finance Minister Kudrin carries out a sitting on fight against the State Duma’s staff. This enemy seems to be more dangerous than the Taliban. Because, in contrast to the St Petersburg Taliban, the deputies grasp budget questions. However, Finance Ministry’s specialists seem not to be bad. Just the tasks of the ministry’s specialists have become other. While the Duma works as in old days and tries to share the poor budget by taking into account needs of the whole people’s economy. Though the government has its own position: the economy no more belongs to people. And if so, some industries were not included into the budget the government tried to pass: these industries simply do not need to be financed from the budget: they feed themselves and even make a profit. On the other hand, some programmes and objects in the governmental variant seem to get an overstated budgetary injection. Of curse, almost 5 billion rubles (approximately $ 172 413,793.00) will be spent for recovery of Chechnya, in other words this money will be exploded at once. Not that there was nothing to restore in Chechnya. Though nothing is said about for what namely objects that money will be spent, so, I could suppose, nothing will be restored, as usual. This money most likely will not leave Moscow. You should not think the question is about combusting-lubricating materials or about soldiers’ clothing – that is a completely other item. Probably this situation appeared after the Kremlin decided to use the today’s majority in the Duma and to pass amendments to the budget directly through the government, taking into account only requests of some deputies belonging to the parliamentary majority. It turned out the deputies had been only tricked and had not got what they requested. Though, now there are no structural committees where deputies could assert their position. With the new system, there is nobody to submit complaints. And the Finance Minister will not contact with parliamentarians up to next year. The staff of structural committees occupying itself with additional budgetary incomes turned out to be the only obstacle for realizing the artful plan of the government. In contrast to the deputies belonging to different social levels, the parliament’s functionaries were gathered according to professional skills in a quite a limited field. They could really throw obstacles in the way of the government functionaries’ plans by pointing at different bureaucratic discrepancies which are usual for new schemes. While the executive power, especially if it is new and ambitious, always wants to answer to a ruse with rude force. Though the experience shows not every parliament could withstand a tank attack.

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