Sergey Borisov: The Pentagon realizes that the Taliban is a hard nut to crack

Americans claim they are not placing poison in the humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. Several Pentagon officials had to release such claims. The concern of the American military is connected with the information that the Taliban intends to poison a part the food supplies delivered to Afghanistan and accuse the Americans of it. The Pentagon is waging war with the Taliban on all fronts, including the psychological one. That is why the Americans consider it necessary to expose the information regarding the possible poison of the humanitarian aid.

The American military had to rebuke the statements from the Taliban that there were numerous casualties among the civilians. However, there are several such confirmed casualties.

The Americans also have to warn the Afghan people to be cautious of the food from the Taliban movement. In the words from the American military, the Taliban picks up a lot of the food packages that are dropped from American planes (there have been 785 thousands food packages dropped down on Afghanistan’s territory). The American military seems to be concerned about the military process itself and questions regarding the food aid. The Pentagon officials understand that the Northern Alliance is operating not as actively as they have hoped. Admiral Stufflebeem admitted during a meeting with journalists in the Pentagon that the Taliban was a hard nut to crack. Especially the soldiers from the notorious 55th brigade, consisting of the Al-Qaida militants. As soon as the American strike on Afghanistan started, a large batch of bombs was meant for that brigade. However, there are no indications the group has been destroyed. The admiral was surprised to see the way the Taliban clings to the power. It was also surprising for the Pentagon to find out that Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar has still not realized the inevitability of the crash of the Taliban regime. More and more, the Americans are emphasizing that the war in Afghanistan will be long and wearisome. “We have to save patience,” Stufflebeem said.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: Pro-Taliban supporters chant anti-U.S. slogans during a rally at the Chaman border crossing, 130 km (81 miles) northwest of Quetta October 26, 2001

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