Petr Sedov: Americanphobia of Mytrix on Russian Internet

Russian Internet statistics system Mytrix stands against cooperation between Russian and American internet projects
As it became known to PRAVDA.Ru, a large scandal stirred up today on the Russian sector of the world-wide web. The Russian Internet statistics system &to=' target=_blank>SpyLog , which positions itself on the western market under the trademark &to=' target=_blank>Mytrix deleted the account of the well-known American internet project FARK. There were no explanations for this action.

The manager of &to=' target=_blank> the Russian division of FARK, Kirill Yermilin stated the following to PRAVDA.Ru: “In return to all our inquiries regarding why FARK was deleted from SpyLog statistics, we received rather loutish replies. I believe the point of the matter is the uniqueness of the first Russian-American joint Internet project, to which there is no analogue in Russia, on one hand, and big problem of &to=' target=_blank>Mytrix on the other hand. These problems are apparently technical ones: &to=' target=_blank>Mytrix probably can not cope with a huge informational database.”

- However, it can be seen both on &to=' target=_blank> and on &to=' target=_blank> that the statistics is still working. So what is the matter? - It is working but as the technical support stated to us that the project was disconnected from the system. I hope the problem will be solved on Monday, otherwise, I believe, Mytrix will fail to conquer the Western market. It is obvious that the owners of the Western sites will not be using Mytrix services after they find out about this scandal and the boorish attitude of the company to its clients. However,I would like to say it again: I think the problem will be solved in the beginning of the next week. The major reason for the disconnection was the struggle of the Russian competitors against the joint Russian-American project FARK. According to the Mytrix (SpyLog) rating (it is run in the Russian language), the project was on the top position, being ahead of Russia’s several large Internet holdings.

Probably, one may agree with Kirill. FARK’s account will be retrieved. Another thing is the reputation of the Russian company, which is entering the foreign market. We would like to say that PRAVDA.Ru was also excluded from Mytrix statistics system just because America’s several largest Internet projects (for example &to=' target=_blank>Yahoo!, &to=' target=_blank>DrudgeReport and others) gave hyperlinks to its texts. They told us we were deliberately twisting the statistics of the resource. Most likely, the Mytrix attendants have never worked with those volumes of processed information, which exists on the American and European Internet markets. Afterwards, the company apologized to PRAVDA.Ru.

Let us hope the scandal with FARK will have the same happy end. We will inform our readers about it. We would not like to think that Americanphobes work in the system of the Internet statistics, trying to put obstacles for future joint internet projects.

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