Our reader Dave Fuller: I know that US and Russia have like thoughts and desires

Most of my life, first as the son of an American soldier and later as one myself, I had to think about what would happen if our two countries became embroiled in armed conflict. Thankfully, these past years have been blissfully free of that unwanted burden.

Today, I have Russian co-workers with whom I interact on a daily basis using the Internet. During this time the questions that I formulated while still a young man have been answered. I now know that our people can be friends. I also know that we have like thoughts and desires. I also know that the biggest difference between us is simply that of language.

America is a land of competing cultures, religions, and interests. We are comfortable with that and understand it very well. Our conflicts are not those that exceed the ability to be managed or controlled by our society as a whole which is generally a "good thing". While integration of new cultures is regarded with a certain sense of mistrust during early generations, those of us who are even marginally familiar with the history of our country note that this mistrust and suspicion dwindle as we, together as a society, progress over time.

I look forward to the day when the friendship between our two countries and our peoples are taken for granted. Once we no longer observe or realize the efforts that take place to become friends we will be two countries, united as friends. PRAVDA.Ru seems to be a good place to start.

Sincerely, Dave Fuller

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