Abkhaz population simply does not let out Russian peace-keepers to Russia

An extraordinary situation takes place in Abkhazia. Local population has blocked the branch line over which second echelon of Russian peace-keepers must depart from Russian military bases for Russia. Local people say they will not leave rails and will not allow Russian troops withdrawal from Abkhazia. Earlier, one echelon departed for Russia without any incidents which removed a part of the peace-keepers’ belongings and military equipment. The echelon, which is ready to depart, now carries BUK anti-aircraft missile battery, ammunition of 50th Russian military base in Gudauty. It is ready to depart, though the railway is blocked by local people. For the time being it is not clear, how this trouble will be settled by local and Russia authorities. Though it is clear enough the Russia’s steps in Abkhazia are not welcomed, and moreover they will be in every possible way hampered. Including blocking railway lines.

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