Polar bear stole tooth-paste and vitamin C

A strange story has happened in Norway: a polar bear got into tourist camp and stole tooth-paste and vitamin C, while touching nothing from food. “The bear probably has a bad smell from mouth, because he has been eating seals for the whole summer”, - one of the tourists joked. 14 tourists from Norway, Sweden and Italy set up a camp in an island of Spitzenberg Archipelago and went to inspect outskirts. As they returned, they saw a bear had visited the camp: in a tent they found a bitten through tooth-paste tube, completely empty. Though tooth-paste seems to have been not enough to satisfy the bear’s appetite: he also ate the whole reserve of vitamin C he found in the tent, Reuters reports. While he preferred not to touch dried meet, left in a tent. The tourists, who have already had to do with polar bears, suppose the bear was just curios to taste tooth-paste and vitamin C.

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