Anti-globalists already in Moscow. Special Police Department ready for a fight

Today, in Moscow, a special visiting session of the Davos Economic Forum devoted to Russia has been opened. To participate in the work of the forum, about 70 representatives of leading Western industrial corporations and banks of international finance institutions have arrived in Moscow. In particular, Johannes Linn, vice-president of the World Bank; Jan Lemier, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; and Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, are expected to speak at the session. Among invitees, there are Russian President Vladimir Putin, chairman of the government Mikhail Kasyanov, Vice-Premier and Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, and Minister of Economical Development and Trade German Gref. The forum’s work will continue for two days in the Moscow Grand Marriotte hotel. Recently, in addition to the forum’s participants and guests, globalization’s opponents have been arriving in Moscow. At the moment, nobody can say the exact number of the radically adjusted “left," who have arrived in Moscow to express their protest by breaking windows, conflicts with low-enforcers, and street demonstrations. Figures 300 to 1000 anti-globalists are being given. The question is about so-called “visitant," “Western” anti-globalists. Though, Russian radical groups and organizations also should be taken into account. PRAVDA.Ru already reported, after the Genoa events, that some Left-wing Russian organizations have planned to organize an anti-globalization march in Moscow and the Moscow region. They even sent requests for permission to carry out the march to the Moscow mayor and to Moscow region’s administration. The permission had been given and, afterwards, cancelled. Russian anti-globalists organized a mass meeting (about 400 people) in the town Ramenskoye, Moscow region, though they were forbidden by the police to march from Ramenskoye to Zhukovski, and further to Moscow. To Zhukovski, globalization’s opponents had to go by electric train; from Zhukovski, they went on foot to Moscow. In Moscow, a march to the House of Government was planned, though nothing came of it, because Moscow police earnestly recommended them to go to the center by the underground. To be frank, the march turned into farce. However, today, anti-globalists have an opportunity to show themselves. Organizers of the visiting forum, as well as the capital’s authorities and law-enforcers, state the serious incidents are not expected. A large amount of work has been carried out to avert possible disorders. At the same time, PRAVDA.Ru is aware of the Moscow police working on an intensified regime, while special sub-units of the police are in fighting mode, ready to stop disorders at any moment.

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