Dmitry Litvinovich: Hunting season for Arabs opened

US special services are very active in the search for terrorists. While trying to rehabilitate themselves in public opinion for the events of September 11, they send triumphal reports about catching new terrorists on US soil. A “witch hunt” has started in the country. According to US special services, about 1000 people were arrested, suspected of implication in Al-Qaida organization. This is not a small number, is it? A common citizen would think that the country is simply full of spies and terrorists. The appeal for watchfulness was not in vain. Most of the arrested people were detained by special services after phone calls of patriotic citizens who recognized international terrorists in people next door or friends. These Americans are so attentive!

Though in fact, everything is much more prosy. Most of the arrested people are Arabs. Skin color became a kind of indicator of belonging to the criminal community of bin Laden.

US law-enforcement officers are alarmed. The courts are full of victims’ complaints of the violation of constitutional rights. America is trampling on its democracy with military boots. Later, it will be clear who is right. The main task is to annihilate all the springs of terrorism in the country and to release the rest of the world from it. Many people initially accused of being terrorists’ accomplices and later released in the absence of corpus delicti tell about mockery and torture during questioning. Not long ago, it could not be imagined, while now, it becomes the norm. Once, on his TV program “Vremena," Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner said, “I am afraid that hunting for Arabs will follow these events." He seems to have been right.

Dmitry Litvinovich


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