Pakistan is crossing the line. Afghan war is spreading to other countries

The situation in Pakistan is becoming very tense. Such development of the situation was being expected actually; the strange thing is that nothing like that had happened before

The country is gripped with a real revolt. Radical Islamists gave up on the idea of demonstrations of protest against the bombardments in Afghanistan and have taken weapons into their hands. Major events took place in the country this Sunday. Up to 1000 armed mutineers seized the town of Chilas. According to information from Western media outlets, the rebels were armed with grenade launchers, guns, rifles, knives, and even swords.

In order to avoid a clash with the regular army, the rebels seized a small airport not far from the town and deprived the military men of a possibility to land in the area of the riot. They demanded the strike on Afghanistan immediately cease and Pakistan’s policy to be reviewed. They want instant refusal of support for the world-wide counter-terrorist operation of the U.S.A.

Another armed group of the mutineers seized major hills over the highways linking Pakistan and China. They are threatening to open fire on anyone who would dare to get closer to the mountainsides along the road. The highway has been totally blocked. It is not known what kind of weapons these rebels have.

Another incident also happened on the same day. Unidentified gunmen rushed into a Christian temple in the town of Behawalpur and opened fire on the parishioners. Sixteen of them were killed. The small Christian community in the east of Pakistan is still shocked. Pakistani President Musharraf is trying to gain control over the situation. He ordered a search for the criminals who shot the Christians and declared he would personally control the probe.

The troops have been deployed to the rebellious provinces, but there has been no information yet about any actions against the mutineers.

The U.S.A. has already claimed that it fears Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal finding itself in the hands of the pro-Taliban Pakistani gunmen.

Anti-American sentiment is growing all over the world. Saudi Arabia charged the U.S.A. with the “mass destruction of the Afghani people.” The front page of today’s issue of the Saudi Al-Bilad had a long article about the new Afghan war. America has been actually charged with the genocide of Afghanistan’s population.

Reuters photo: Some of the thousands of armed men preparing to cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan to join the Taliban in a holy war against the U.S. and its allies raise their weapons in the tribal area of Bajaur, October 28, 2001

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