Dmitry Litvinovich: Saddam Hussein is scarier than Bin Laden

Iraq's army is preparing to repulse an attack from the US and Great Britain. The statements from George W. Bush about Iraq’s connection to the acts of terror of September 11 and the spread of the anthrax virus could not help being noticed in Baghdad. As Iraq’s Vice-Premier Tareq Aziz said in his statement, Iraqi intelligence has information about America and Great Britain’s readiness to launch missiles on 300 targets on the territory of the country.

“We are attentively watching the events taking place in America and England, and we know that sooner or later this strike will take place in reality, Aziz said. This will be a very serious mistake. The Arab world will not forgive this, for it is unfair, real aggression.”

US Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld went further and in his Saturday interview, he stated, “There are some people who would like Saddam Hussein to be out of Iraq; I am surely one of them.” Then, he went on: “This administration is not afraid of pronouncing the word “Iraq.” Iraq has been on the list of the countries that are sponsors of terrorism for a long time already. There are no doubts that Iraq as a state carries out acts of terrorism and supports them. Saddam Hussein, being the leader of the terrorist state, poses a threat to other countries of the world, including the United States of America.” Answering the direct question if there was an attack on Iraq planned, Rumsfeld said, “We are doing what we are doing and I tell you that the president has declared this war to be against terrorism networks all over the world.”

America does not conceal the fact that it would like to exchange Saddam for a leader who woul be more loyal towards America. The US also admits that it will be very hard to do so. All attempts to provoke a coup d'etat and to overthrow Hussein have ended in failures. Saddam has colossal support within his country. The international sanctions are good for Saddam as well. America is surely trying to gain the maximum number of opportunities from this situation and put Saddam on his knees. It is easy to guess the position the Arab world will take, but it is hard to imagine what Russia would do in such situation. Would it leave its old ally in trouble and forget about its economic and strategic interests or not?

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