Irina Malenko: Americans decided beforehand that there would not be any communists in the future Afghan government

According to Hidustan Times, the US and Pakistan are already gathering a mixed group for a “good” future Afghan government, a real assorti of ex-loyalists, spiritual leaders, commanders of Mojahed, fundamentalists, and nationalists. However, the Afghan communists who ruled Kabul during 1978-1992 and who seem to be the only group with administrative work experience are being ignored. “Nobody asks us, nobody speaks with us, and they most likely will not invite us to Loya Jirga (traditional national council)”, - ex-minister from People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan says, who does not want to introduce himself, being afraid of the Pakistani Special Services. This fear is not without reasons, especially taking into account what the Taliban did with Najibulla after it occupied Kabul in 1996. “Since September 11, we cannot freely move; we are under house arrest," the ex-minister said, who is, as well as other communists, a member of Vatan party. “The world does not like what we say, especially about fundamentalism’s danger. Being emotional people, most of Muslims enter these Islamite parties, leaving democratic and progressive forces without help. While we could care for the country and make it able to march in step with civilization.” The old communist says that the Taliban can only carry war, but it cannot care for Afghanistan during peace time. “We need reconstruction, development works, dams, electricity, while the Taliban knows nothing about these things." “The Taliban and the Northern Alliance are two sides of the same coin. The both are religious groups.” According to him, the main trouble is not the Taliban, but religious fundamentalism in neighbouring Pakistan, especially, in Punjab. “In 1993, in Pakistan, there were 3,000 religious schools, while now there are already 14,000. This is from where the Taliban’s new supporters come, where they get ideological and other hardening financed by such Arabian figures like Osama bin Laden.” “In such a situation, who will rule over Kabul? How will they be able to rule?” According to the ex-minister, all this is caused by Pakistani secret services. And you know who finances these secret services…

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