Dmitry Litvinovich: Georgia accuses Russia of the murder of 1700 civilians

In Abkhazia, the Gelaev band has been completely annihilated, while the fate of Gelaev himself is unknown. The conflict in Abkhazia flares up with new power. Georgian Parliament Chairman Zurab Zhvania practically accused Russian peace-keepers located in the conflict zone of the murder of 1700 civilians. According to him, there is no necessity to reconsider the Georgian parliament’s decision of October 11 regarding the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Abkhazia. “Measures should be taken to avoid resumption of any military actions in the conflict zone after the peacekeepers’ withdrawal,” – he said. At the same time, Zhvania has said that Russia is a desired partner in settling this conflict, because Moscow possesses many keys to solve this problem." Yesterday, a report arrived about the bombardment of the Marukh gorge on Georgian territory by unknown aircraft. Russian and Abkhaz powers fully denied their implication in this incident, while Georgia claimed that Russian troops were responsible for the bombardment. On Monday, Ediard Shevardnadze, in his traditional interview to National Radio, said these aircraft and helicopters had invaded Georgian air space from the Russian side. It is “shameless” to state Georgian territory was bombed by its own aircraft, Eduard Shevardnadze stressed. He expressed hope that the "thread of trust" between Georgia and Russia would not be broken because of such incidents. According to him, Tbilisi is ready to take into account Russian interests in the region, though at the same time, it demands Russia honour its interests that do not go out the limits of honouring Georgian territorial integrity. Such a discrepant policy of Shevardnadze does not do credit to Shevardnadze. On one hand, he cannot imagine the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict’s settlement without Russia’s participation, while, on the other hand, he blames Russia for imperial manners and for attempts to violate Georgian territorial integrity. Eduard Shevardnadze seems to have been driven into a corner where he feels uncomfortable and restricted.

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