CIA to be giving blank check for worldwide campaign against persons “disagreeable to America”

The CIA intends to carry out the liquidation of “individual terrorists” all over the world. According to the mass media, George Bush’s government, has already given a blank check to these “killer missions," regarded as “legal form of self-defence." Officially, such a liquidation policy was forbidden in the US in 1976. Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld confirmed that the US intends “to annihilate terrorists using secret operations." However, he refused to call them “liquidations” (in general, over the last couple of years, Americans have created their own jargon, in which, for example, bombardments of peaceful citizens are called “humanitarian missions"!). The “death list” has been already prepared, with Osama bin Laden at the top. Though, the Washington Post reports that the “liquidation task” goes out of the limits of reprisals against Al Qaida leaders and even of the limits of Afghan territory. According to the White House lawyers, “the US president possesses full powers to give instructions regarding persons who must be annihilated during the secret missions.” At the moment, the CIA considers the question “in how many countries of the world agents could be sent to carry out liquidations”. The list will make about 40 countries, including European ones. A liquidation policy was carried out by the CIA during the 1970s, for example, in Chile. One of the “terrorists” liquidated with the CIA's active participation was Salvador Aliende, the democratically-elected president of Chile. The same methods were used against Cuban President Fidel Castro, at whose life over 600 attempts were made over recent 40 years. Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

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