Turkish national attacked by Dutch soldiers

Thirty-one-year-old Mustafa Chitak was deliberately run over by a vehicle driven by the Dutch soldiers. He was seriously injured. There were two people in the car

On the evening of October 16, Mustafa, a citizen of the Netherlands of Turkish origin and a software specialist, was going back home from a cafe, where he had a game of billiard with his Dutch friend. When they came up to Mustafa’s car on the parking place, they heard screams: “F*** Islam!” and “Death to Muslims!”. Mustafa and his pal tried to ignore the “brave military men,” but when one of them yelled, “I wish you had cancer!” (which is a very rude swearing expression in the Dutch language), Mustafa’s friend could not stand it any longer, as his father died of cancer.

Mustafa tried to settle the conflict down, but the soldiers were going on and on: “All Muslims must get a bomb in the a**!” Then they hit Mustafa in the face several times and it seemed to be over. However, while Mustafa was trying to reach his car, he was run over by the military vehicle of the Dutch soldiers at a high speed and fainted. Besides a brain concussion, Mustafa Chitak had 21 fractures. As his pal said, the Dutch military men screamed,“One more Muslim out of this world!”

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