Dmitry Litvinovich: Office of the Prosecutor General demands Boris Berezovsky’s companion to be arrested

The work of the Office of the Prosecutor General is becoming more and more active. Last week was filled with news about Railway Minister Nikolay Aksenenko, Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, about and the pro-presidential party, Unity. The situation with Aksenenko and Berezovsky is clear, but as far as Unity is concerned, things are rather shady. The leader of the party, Sergey Shoygu, said it was all about the intrigues of the party’s competitors, and, perhaps, he is right. The wicked tongues say that the Office of the Prosecutor General nagged at Unity because of all-mighty Anatoly Chubais (the leader of RAO United Energy System of Russia), who decided to spoil the reputation of the movement.

The office of the Prosecutor General addressed the Russian parliament today with an official suggestion to withdraw the diplomatic immunity from deputy Vladimir Golovlev, the deputy chairman of the budgetary committee of the parliament. The motivation of such a suggestion is the institution of the legal proceedings against him. They want to call Golovlev to criminal account, having charged him of fraud during the period when he was working in the Chelyabinsk region. The head of the Duma faction Union of the Rightist Forces (known by the Russian initials as SPS), Boris Nemtsov, disclaimed his colleague right away. Viktor Pokhmelkin (SPS member) set out his point of view on the matter in an interview with journalists. He said that he considered the resolution made by the Office of the Prosecutor General to be a provocative political order, the goal of which was to discredit the people who dared to proclaim themselves as the political opposition to the reigning regime. The case against Golovlev was filed by the Office of the Prosecutor General back in 1993, and there had not been any progress in the case since that time. Pokhmelkin paid attention to the fact that the activity of the Office of the Prosecutor General was exercised against the background of three political events: Golovlev was elected chairman of the executive committee of Liberal Russia (a political party), he participated in the talks with Boris Berezovsky, and repeatedly met him in person. Golovlev is one of those who refused to join SPS because he disagreed with its ideological and organizational principles.

There is surely a link between this event and declaring a federal search for Boris Berezovsky. The power is beating the oligarch, but everything is being kept with the framework of the law. Gusinsky’s lesson was a good one (Vladimir Gusinsky was the head of the Russian Media Most holding). So, if there is no politics in the case, then one may assume that the Kremlin has a file for each deputy? If a deputy behaves ok, everything is quiet, if not, then please, don’t take it amiss.

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