Our reader John J Donna: The People Must Establish Planetary Government

To The Editor of Pravda. Planetary unification is inevitable. Economic forces unleashed by the emergence of the global economy and the world wide web's revolutionary impact on every aspect of human society will bring about de facto unification within the lifetime of the first internet generation. The central question of our time is not whether planetary unification will take place, but in what manner. Who will organize planetary unification? How long will it take? What will the system of planetary government look like? Who will hold power on a unified planet? Who decides? We do. The first choice of our planetary people is between action and inaction, between decision and indecision. Inaction is still an action. Indecision is still a decision. Inaction and indecision are an abdication of the rights and power, the very freedom, for which the people of Earth have struggled and died over the last two hundred years. The World Trade Organization is stepping-in to fill the void created by our lack of planetary government. The bureaucrats of the WTO have assumed the executive, legislative, and judicial powers which true planetary government ought to have, but which have never even been granted to the United Nations, and which by right should only be given to any world body by popular mandate through the conscious participation of the people of Earth. Convening behind closed doors in Geneva, Switzerland, three representatives of the WTO meet in camera - - in closed session without press or public participation - - and hand down rulings on matters of trade which affect all of Earth. The WTO's rulings may override the national laws, environmental regulations, and worker protections of sovereign and independent nation-states, with the only criteria being what is considered to be in the best interests of global free trade and economic policy, and with fines and economic sanctions wielded as weapons to bring resisting nation-states into full compliance; without recognition of the reality that environmental protection and the rights of workers are economic concerns on a planet which is ONE. WTO administrators have no conflict of interest rules to place their decisions beyond the undue influence and financial power of multi-national corporations. No checks and balances exist to restrain the absolute, anti-democratic power of the WTO autocracy. The decisions of the WTO are final and binding. Concerned citizens seeking to act on behalf of the interests of the people of Earth have no mechanism to file briefs with, or provide direct input to, the WTO decision-makers. We live in a revolutionary time in which everything about our society - - the way in which we do business, educate ourselves, relate to one another, and live our daily lives - - is about to change. This transformation is being brought about by the planetary collective consciousness emerging on-line and the ability of the internet to magnify human creativity. The internet's true potential has not been realized and the full force of its power has yet to be tapped. It is not the information age that we have entered, but the age of the idea and the era of the imagination. Tremendous wealth is being generated, ever greater and more rapid leaps of science, technology, and medicine are being achieved, and the human race is becoming more efficient, more creative, more aware, and more interconnected with every passing day. Our people are organizing and networking, reaching through cyberspace to touch, to embrace, brothers and sisters around the planet, bypassing old ways and outdated systems to forge new coalitions and alliances outside of the traditional socio-economic and political power structure. Whereas the reins of government and the economy have always been held in the hands of the few, the new millenium brings the empowerment of the many. The power of the idea, magnified by the tool of the planetary internet, is bringing about the restructuring of our schools, our workplaces, our financial institutions, our science and technology, our art, our music, our culture, our homelife, and the way in which we view ourselves, our world, and our place in it. The new age rewards the innovative visionaries who dare to color outside of the lines, dream great dreams, and think in bold, progressive, and new ways. The time has come for us to turn our attention to the way in which we govern ourselves and dare to conceive of a planetary system of government which uses twenty-first century communications technology to better reflect the society in which we live, the people we have become, and the people we wish to be. We, the people of Earth, must step forward in unity, liberty, equality, and fraternity, must raise our voices as the people of America did in 1776, as the people of France did in 1789, as the people of Central and South America did in the early 1800s, as the people of Central Europe and China did in 1989, and the people of Russia did in 1991. We must discuss different conceptions of, and build momentum for, a planetary government which places the people of Earth in control of the people's own destiny and we must "institute new government" . . . "deriving just powers from the consent of the governed" . . . which not only secures our "unalienable rights" to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", but which is also capable of resolving the problems which are burdening our people and destroying our planet. We, the people of the West and Russia must begin this task and lead the way. Victory in World War III and hemispheric domestic security must be achieved through the Unification of the West and Russia. This process must be initated through the conscious and deliberate participation of our people and when completed must be submitted for popular approval at the ballot box. Now. In this generation. Respectfully Submitted,

John J. Donna Pittsfield USA

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