Alexei Bogomolov: Osama bin Laden contacted CIA shortly before terrorist attacks

This information has been distributed by the French newspaper Le Figaro. Moreover, bin Laden, who has been called by President Bush “terrorist No. 1,” underwent a medical check in an American hospital in Dubai. It is there that he reportedly met with a CIA agent. Le Figaro cites a reliable source in the hospital administration, where the Saudi millionaire came to treat his kidney disorder. The newspaper also says that a day after bin Laden’s departure for Kweta, the American intelligent officer was urgently summoned to Washington. The above information presents in a completely new light the nature of the September terrorist attacks in the USA and, correspondingly, the present-day aggression by the USA and Great Britain against Afghanistan. More that this, it seems relevant here to return to the versions implying that those terrorist attacks were in the interests of secret services and the US military industrial complex, which PRAVDA.Ru has written about immediately after the attacks. Anyway, Mr. Bush Jr.’s administration, which may have sanctioned the meeting of bin Laden with a CIA agent, will have to explain its behaviour. And not only to the American people.

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