Golovlev’s case: Court will clear up the situation

“Oops!” as our friends over the ocean say. State Duma deputy from Union of Right Forces faction, deprived of deputy immunity, brings an action against the State Duma. The most interesting thing is that namely the faction to which Golovlev belongs stands up for general removal of deputy immunity. Moreover, for all the time, Golovlev did not protected himself, while showing the accusations are fabricated: now he seems to have been offended… About an action against him, Golovlev said yesterday to journalists, after the State Duma sitting finished. According to him, he is intending to contest the Duma’s decision about depriving him of deputy immunity in court. Why? You see, the day before yesterday, the deputy was completely calm, while joking to all questions about depriving him of deputy immunity and promising, if need be, to open all “secret addresses and passwords”. Golovlev’s speech in the sitting also was lacking substance. Nothing was said for his protection, while he was showing being sure of his rightfulness. And suddenly – an awful offence. The deputy intends to appeal against the Low Chamber’s decision. And what is more, that should be a unique trial – a deputy against the Duma, as a fact, he stands against his faction, against his colleagues. I wonder, whether it is possible or not for an elected representative of the people to appeal against opinion of other elected representatives of the people, who obviously outnumber him, the only one. Do we have democracy or what? It should be remembered, that deputy of Unity of Right Forces, Vladimir Golovlev is accused of abuse of power, being the head of State Property Committee of Chelyabinsk region. Now he states, he is intending to publish all the documents connected with this case, and not only in Russia, and appeal against yesterday’s decision of the State Duma. According to him, accusations against him have a “political base.” Leaders of Unity of Right Forces faction refrain from serious comments (the day before yesterday, a serious parliament scandal because of Golovlev took place in the State Duma, between opponents and supporters of deputy immunity), saying the faction votes freely. The faction’s member Irina Khakomada only drew attention to looks of some deputies, as if their faces expressed craving for reprisals. At the same time, in the press, a comment of Golovlev ex-colleague from Chelyabinsk region appeared: “If not for deputy immunity, he would have got to dock long ago.” For the time being, the deputy has not been accused, any charge has not been preferred against him. But such a strange offence at the State Duma looks unusual. And it makes think.

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