There is something amiss in Russian capital. With building

Moscow confidently presses St Petersburg from the not very flattering place of Russian criminal capital. This week was marked with series of bloody crimes in the city: from the pogrom Tsaritshino market on October 30, to today’s murder of deputy prefect of Northwest circuit. The deputy prefect Sergei Balashov was fired down by an unknown killer at 8.45, before prefecture entrance, in Ivan Franko Street. The criminal was waiting for the functionary, so as Sergei Balashov stepped on the porch, the killer opened fire from his pistol. Several bullets hit upon the deputy prefect, so he died on the spot. At the moment, the police is searching for the criminal. “Sirena” plan was proclaimed in the city, though the killer will hardly be found. Sergei Balashov’s colleagues refuse from comments, saying only, this to be a frightful shock from them. Law-enforcers did not comment the event as well. The crime’s motives are unknown yet, as well as at what the deputy prefect was working recently. The full title of Sergei Balashov’s post sounds as: deputy prefect of building. Most likely, namely here the motives of the murder could hide – as well known, in Moscow, ordinary people did not occupy themselves with building. Namely because of building, in Moscow serious scandals regularly flare up. It should be remembered, that last January, Moscow administration’s vice-premier Iosif Ordjonikidze was seriously wounded, who, by coincidence, also occupied himself with building projects of Moscow administration. Though in Ordjonikidze’s murder, there were two criminals implicated. They were sub-machining at armoured car. In other details, the crimes are similar. Ordjonikidze’s car was also fired before city administration entrance. At that time, the police declared they would consider an “economical” version first of all. Today, “building-economical” version seems to be first as well. In other words, there is something amiss in Russian capital with building.

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