Bin Laden: Jihad against Crusade

Osama Bin Laden has called on the Pakistani Moslems to rise up in a Jihad against the Christian Crusade, according to Qatar TV station Al Jazeera.

On November 1st, Al Jazeera displayed a letter written in Arabic, supposedly by Bin Laden. The presenter of the news programme declared “Osama Bin Laden has asked the Moslems in Pakistan to keep up the resistance against what he calls a Christian Crusade against Islam”.

The letter continues “The Moslems in Afghanistan have been subjected to murder and the government of Pakistan continues to be on the side of the Christians”. Bin Laden declares that the world is divided between Islam and the leader of the “forces of evil”, a reference to George Bush.

This is the third time that Bin laden has gone public since the air strikes against Taleban and Al Qaeda positions began on October 7th.

The Palestine Authority chairman, Yasser Arafat, classified the situation as “very dangerous”.


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