Sensation: Pakistan set to get rid its nuclear weapons?

The possibility of a unique operation is being worked out in Pakistan. This country is for the first time considering handing its nuclear arsenal over to other country for storage. In this connection, China is mentioned as one of likely providers of such a “storage house.” Yet, these are just rumours so far. Islamabad has not made any formal statements on the subject. Such a scenario has been brought out by the Indian television, which is hardly to be suspected of having any sympathy towards Pakistan. China is one of Pakistan’s closest allies, so it may be quite natural for Pakistan to entrust its nuclear arsenal to it, according to the Indian television. Al this may well be just a speculation on a “hot theme.” The problem of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has been under discussion for several weeks in view of its likely seizure by Islamic extremists. The situation in Pakistan after the start of bombardments in Afghanistan leaves much to be desired. After the recent developments in the country, accompanied by the armed capture of a town and a main highway, the US special forces seem to be ready to put Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal under their control if the situation exacerbates further. Such an initiative has caused a negative reaction in Islamabad. India also does not seem happy about the nuclear arsenal’s possible changing hands. China has so far not reacted to this information. Also, it it far from clear how the USA will think of a nuclear weapons transfer to China. The USA has enough headaches over its frictions with China, including those on Taiwan. Further strengthening of this superpower, both politically and military, would hardly be welcomed by the USA. Therefore, the USA is sure to oppose such a move should Islamabad dare to take it. On the whole, it should be noted that the situation in the region is unfolding exactly as PRAVDA.Ru predicted. A hasty and politically insufficiently considered military operation against Afghanistan is slowly but surely drawing the neighbouring countries into the conflict, while those countries are themselves not noted for stability. It is already dangerous that four nuclear powers, the USA, Russia, Pakistan, and India, are in different ways involved in the ongoing Afghan campaign. China has managed to maintain neutrality so far. However, this is becoming more and more difficult for China to maintain. Moreover, Pakistan and India are virtually finding themselves in the state of a local “cold war.”

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