Anatoli Baranov: The Kremlin’s PR – from the 1941 parade to the “Going Together”

Recently, Russia mass media presented, as three equal events, the “official” parade of veterans in Red Square, march and meetings of Communists and an action of the “Going Together” movement, nicknamed “Putin’s Komsomol”. Before the very march of Communists, the “Going”, who intended to demonstratively gather rubbish while following the column of the Communist Party, were recommended to forbear from this indiscretion. Though, the day before, namely the “Going Together” were broadly boosted in all TV channels, as if there is nothing more important in the country, than the next PR-action of the well known genii from the Kremlin’s administration. This is to the question about the free press. What is the most touching thing, is that the “Going” should themselves bring their “small pieces of rubbish” (as the PR-men recommended). It is well known, that usually enough empty bottles, syringes and condoms are left after actions of political forces loyal to the power, while the Communist Party is, taking into account its many minuses, a very disciplined organization. Several red carnations dropped by chance by marching Communists – that was the whole rubbish of the epoch members of the “new Komsomol” intended to sweep away. It is good at least they were not intending to follow the 1941 veterans’ column. A real attainment of the Kremlin’s PR. Apropos, about the Kremlin’s PR. The 1941 parade, when soldiers, directly from Red Square, were sent to the front, could be used as a good example while teaching PR-managers. Though, today’s PR-workers seem to be not a patch on that ones, from Stalin’s times. As well as the power’s tasks are of another scale. In general, the “Going” are strangely similar to Komsomol of Brejnev’s times, when without order “from the top” even a chair could not be moved in the office of Komsomol’s leaders. They are a kind of eternal class of young spongers of the power. Though, Brejnev’s Komsomol members were fighting in Afghanistan, building Baikal-Amur main line, working in building groups during their summer holiday, so they honestly deserved the Order of October Revolution. While the “Going” have nothing to boast of. Soldiers in T-shirts with Putin’s portrait have not been observed yet in Chechnya. There is not any building site of the century in our country. The only thing that remains for them, is to run where they will be ordered with expecting either for the bright tomorrow, or for gratuitous beer in their eyes. The brightest hopes of our society seem to be connected with them. If our society has any hope at all.

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