Taleban steal UN vehicles

UNHCR spokesperson claims Taleban steal UN vehicles and do not allow staff to operate.

As French President Jacques Chirac confirms that the United Nations Organisation is to hold an international donor conference to provide immediate aid to up to 5 million people in need in Afghanistan, evidence surfaces that the Taleban have stolen United Nations humanitarian aid vehicles.

Peter Keseler, spokesperson of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, declared to the BBC that the main problem hindering aid workers inside Afghanistan was that the Taleban were hindering them. He said the Taleban stole vehicles and prevented UN staff from performing their work.

The United Nations has issued declarations claiming that 5 million people are in urgent need of assistance in Afghanistan and that up to 100,000 children could die this winter if they do not receive aid. Meanwhile, the number of refugees trying to enter Afghanistan’s neighbours, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is calculated at tens of thousands.

The United Nations is also going to discuss a post-Taleban situation in Afghanistan, trying to broker conditions for as wide a power base as possible to share power as the country is built. The United Kingdom and France are planning to forward a motion to the UN Security Council next week on a future Afghan government.


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