Anti-war demonstrations to be held in Greece

On November 8, mass demonstrations against the imperialist war and against any Greece’s participation in it will be carried out. In Athens, a meeting and a protest demonstration before the US embassy are planned.

The actions are being organized by the Greek Committee for Peace and Disarmament, by the Women Federation of Greece, as well as by many industrial and regional trade unions.

In the Council of Labour Center of Athens, the biggest regional trade union of the country, by suggestion of Communists and of other political forces, the council’s participation in the anti-imperialist action was discussed. Representatives of “reform” forces, including social-democrats and the “new left” supported this participation, while representatives of conservative forces (ND) opposed it. However, according to the majority’s decision, participation in the action was approved. Therefore, the Labour Center of Athens will take part in the meeting and in the train.

Trade unions and their leaders’ participation in the anti-war actions appears not to please the US. On November 6, the new US ambassador to Greece, Miller, visited the Greek Ministry of Labour and met with the minister, as if to receive information about labor relations in Greece. Though, according to information of the 902 TV program, while talking to the minister, the ambassador expressed dissatisfaction with Greek trade unions’ participation in anti-war actions. Miller is also supposed to have extracted from the minister measures against the trade unions’ participation in the anti-war actions.

At the same time, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), the Democratic Social Movement, as well as veterans’ organizations, students’ trade unions, and other political and public organizations expressed their support of the anti-imperialist actions.

The actions were also supported by famous people of Greece: by well-known composer Mikis Teodorakis, by veteran of anti-fascist movement Manolis Glezos, and others. Meetings are also planned to be carried out in Saloniki, Patra, Covala, and other big cities.

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